BETHANY, W.Va. - Dr. Russell Cook, Bethany College Professor of Communication, has had his book, "U.S. Wars and the Media: The Vietnam War," published by Greenwood Press. Cook's research examines U.S. media coverage during the Vietnam War, which was a watershed in military-media relations.

"Even though Vietnam occurred many years ago, it's still with us today. The war had a major impact on media and public attitudes. In fact, there are many parallels between the Vietnam War and the war in Iraq today," Cook said. "I feel energized by writing this book, and I learned so much in the process."

He added, "I have found that my research has greatly enriched my teaching by providing concrete examples to illustrate general concepts. So many aspects of the Vietnam experience pertain to our contemporary life. For example, the sort of government censorship of news information used during the war provides a good basis for discussing the role of news in our democracy, especially in the current time of entailment of individual rights in the name of fighting terrorism."

Communication Department Chair, Dr. Patrick Sutherland said, "Dr. Cook's contributions to the department and to the College are numerous. He is a rigorous scholar and a well-respected classroom teacher. He supervises the College's cable television station and many of his students have gone on to successful careers in broadcast journalism. Russell's colleagues and his students could not be more proud of his accomplishments."

Cook is the longest serving member of Bethany College's Communication Department. He has won several awards for his video documentary productions and is the lead professor in the department's new documentary studies track and in the electronic media study emphasis.