BETHANY, W.Va. — Bethany College will host a Japanese Food Presentation, Sushi Demonstration and Sushi Workshop, Thursday, October 26 in the Private Dining Room of Benedum Commons. The project is part of the college’s annual Explore Japan Days Celebration, a 19-year tradition.

Though Japanese food is very popular in Western culture today, little is known about this unique cuisine. In order to introduce various aspects of Japanese culture and language on the Bethany campus and surrounding Ohio Valley area, this project will promote investigation into the history and culture of the food, and the dietary practices of the Japanese from early times to present day.

The participants of this program will first observe a lecture presentation by Master Chef Kazuo Hayakawa, then watch a cooking demonstration and even get to sample a bit of his sushi, then will participate in a hands-on workshop conducted by the chef himself.

Master Chef Hayakawa from Handa-City, Japan, has been a well-known sushi chef in the Handa area for the past 29 years. He is an active member of the community and often takes time to demonstrate his cooking skills to international guests in the area. He comes to Bethany to share the pleasure and joy of Japanese cooking with the Bethany Community.

Preceding Master Chef Hayakawa's presentation, Mr. Koji Nozawa, Sales Marketing Manager for Mizkan Americas, Inc., will demonstrate that vinegar is not only an essential ingredient for sushi, but for Japanese cooking as a whole. His presentation will give the audience a chance to view vinegar in various dimensions.

A highly experienced Japanese Language teacher at Handa Agricultural High School, Mrs. Fumiyo Iwadachi's presentation will give Bethany and the neighboring communities a chance to have a high level cultural learning experience. Her research focuses on the history of Japanese food culture in general and in particular, seasonings.

The primary purpose of the Japanese Food Presentation and Demonstration is to attract people that are eager to learn about different cultures but who do not necessarily have the resources of quality materials and instruction.

"The goals of the workshop are to introduce a high level of culture to Bethany and its neighboring communities, to increase the community's international awareness with a special focus on Japan, and to make learning Japanese culture fun with a hands-on workshop," said Michiko Oda, Japan outreach coordinator.

All of the events of the evening celebrating Japanese culture are open to the public. Advance registration is required to attend the workshop. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for Bethany students and children. E-Mail Michiko at to register.