Mountainside Conference Center Opens under Bethany Management

BETHANY, W.Va. - Bethany College has announced, The Mountainside Conference Center, as of September 4, 2006, has re-opened under the Bethany College management umbrella.

After six years of management by an external group, the college has once again taken over operations of the conference center as an internal campus department.

The Mountainside Complex is comprised of the Milsop Conference Center, Gresham Inn and Harder Hall. The conference center includes a large amphitheater, 8 conference rooms, a variety of audio visual equipment and the staff to facilitate meetings. Guest accommodations are available at the 40 room Inn complete with an exercise room and pool table. The Dining Hall can be set up for buffet and sit-down meals, private parties or special events. Catering is available for all locations.

“Mountainside Conference Center provides unique benefits to the college not only serving as a place to host guests and hold campus events, but by providing meaningful work for current students and exposing new audiences to campus.” said William Kiefer, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Bethany College.

Kimberly Clark, a native Californian with over 20 years of marketing, sales, event planning and property management experience has taken charge as the Mountainside Conference Center General Manager.

Kay Rowland will serve as the Assistant Manager at Gresham Inn. Rowland is returning to the facility with 19 years experience at Gresham Inn after spending the last six years with the Bethany College Education Department.

Students are being offered a meaningful work experience and a chance to earn work study by handling shifts at the hotel front desk and in conjunction with the Communication department at Bethany, the Milsop Conference Center has been approved to start offering on campus internship opportunities during the current semester for Communication majors.

“The goal for the Mountainside Conference Center is to become a resource for the entire Bethany College Community while committing to build our reputation as a location for tri-state area businesses and organizations to hold conferences,” said Saralyn Dague, Director of Special Projects for Bethany College. “This location is the ideal setting to conduct business, hold educational conferences and host Bethany College alumni, family, prospective students and visitors while on campus.”

Reservations or inquiries for all Mountainside Conference Center facilities can be made by calling 304-829-4343.