Bethany Partners With WV Northern to Offer Courses at Northern Campuses


BETHANY, W.Va. – The presidents of Bethany College and West Virginia Northern Community College (WVNCC) have formally signed agreements aimed at giving WVNCC students the opportunity to work toward a Bachelor’s Degree from Bethany in Education or Social Work. Bethany courses in these disciplines will be offered at WVNCC.

Dr. Martin J. Olshinsky and Dr. Scott D. Mille

Bethany will be responsible for the educational content, instruction, presentation and evaluation of the courses of study. Staffers from both institutions worked together for some time on the joint ventures, which are referred to as “2 + 2 Articulation Agreements.” It is the intent of both parties to offer the 2 + 2 programs at WVNCC pending appropriate regulatory approval.

“This collaboration between Bethany College and West Virginia Northern Community College allows us to make our quality academic programs more accessible to residents of the Upper Ohio Valley,” said Dr. Scott D. Miller, President of Bethany College. “I am very grateful to WVNCC President Dr. Martin J. Olshinsky for his enthusiastic response and to the faculty and administrators of both schools for their efforts in bringing this project to fruition.”

“West Virginia Northern is pleased to add yet another excellent option for our students as they move along their chosen career paths,” President Olshinsky said. “This partnership with Bethany College provides a seamless pathway for Northern graduates to seek baccalaureate degrees in Education and Social Work through Bethany. Dr. Miller deserves our thanks for seizing the initiative.”

The presidents announced that the new partnership will go into effect on July 1 and run through the 2012-13 school year. It contains a provision for automatic renewal through 2017-18 and also includes the option of expansion to additional fields of study at a later date.

For more information regarding these programs contact Dr. Vicki Riley, WVNCC Vice President for Academic Affairs at (304) 214-8857.