Invisible Children Legacy Tour Schedules Stop at Bethany College

BETHANY, W.Va. — Bethany College will host Invisible Children — an organization founded to help better the lives of war-affected children in Africa — as part of the group’s 2010 Legacy Tour. The event, open to the public, will be held on April 27 at 7 p.m. in Commencement Hall and will include a short film and a talk by Natalie Warne, a young activist dedicated to stopping the use of child soldiers in northern Uganda.

Invisible Children was born after three young filmmakers from California traveled to Africa in the spring of 2003. There, they found themselves confronted with the tragic results of a 20-year war on the children of northern Uganda — children abducted from their homes by rebel soldiers and forced to fight as child soldiers. The young men watched as, in an attempt to avoid being kidnapped, the children traveled nightly to the center of their cities to sleep. Inspired to make a difference, they created the documentary "Invisible Children: Rough Cut," a film based on what they had discovered.

The response to their work was overwhelming as viewers sought ways to help. The nonprofit Invisible Children, Inc. was created as a means for others to take action and work to provide health, safety and education for thousands of children.

Since then, the group has created several documentaries and changed the lives of millions of people, including those living in northern Uganda and individuals who now know the horrific reality faced by so many children whose stories once seemed invisible to the world.

“Together We Are Free” will be the featured documentary at Bethany College on April 27. The film highlights the sacrifice and determination of Warne, the “voice of a generation,” who will speak after the showing. Warne is a 19-year-old from Chicago, Ill., who is intimately involved with the group’s efforts in the United States and abroad to protect and better the lives of northern Uganda’s innocent children.

For more information on Invisible Children’s mission and current projects, visit The April 27 event at Bethany College is free and is scheduled to last approximately one hour.

Bethany College is a small college of national distinction located on a picturesque and historic 1,300-acre campus in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. Founded in 1840, Bethany is the state’s oldest private college.