Driehorst Family Foundation Grant Boosts Bethany College Broadcasting

BETHANY, W.Va. – A grant from the Driehorst Family Foundation, Wheeling, W.Va., is supporting a new era of broadcasting via web-streaming technology at Bethany College. The grant enables Bethany’s Department of Communications and Media Arts to broadcast convocations and special events, athletics, and other Bethany activities using the latest in web-streaming technology.

2594IMG2542.jpg“Although visual broadcasting of campus events and student-produced programming has been a mainstay of the Communications curriculum for over 40 years at Bethany, the College is expanding its capability of webcasting because of this grant. With the advent of digital broadcasting and even faster-changing technology, Bethany provides students a professional learning environment in a real-time learning laboratory,” said Department Chair M.E. Yancosek Gamble.

“Equipment such as a graphic generator allows our students to be proficient with industry demands in a digital new world,” Gamble said, emphasizing the positive impact of such technology on teaching through the gift.

“The smaller college environment and the collaborative nature of teaching at Bethany provide students with experience in hands-on production very early. Many of our freshmen and sophomores are ahead of their peers at larger institutions who do not have an opportunity much before their junior or senior years to be part of the learning laboratory,” Gamble said. “Communications and media arts students today must be able to do everything well, including becoming proficient in hardware, software, and end-to-end production. At Bethany, they use their liberal arts education to wed critical thinking to practical skills.”

Another strength of the program is internships and career opportunities at major news organizations and communication firms in Wheeling, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere, Gamble said.

The new equipment made its debut with the fall intercollegiate athletics season at Bethany. Because Bethany enrolls students from around the world, the web-streaming technology will enable parents and families to enjoy their students’ accomplishments, even if they cannot attend Bethany campus events in person.

“Not only is the equipment allowing us to teach the students,” Gamble said, “but the enthusiasm of the students who put long hours in at these events is incredible. These students work eight-hour shifts happily and enjoy learning on the best equipment in the area!”

Bethany is a small college of national distinction located on a historic 1,300-acre campus in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. Founded in 1840, it is the oldest college in the state.