Bethany College Presents Galapagos Islands Art Show

BETHANY, W.Va. — Bethany College announces Science Becomes Art: A Galapagos Islands Experience, anart exhibit inspired by a spring boat cruise attended by
Bethany professors and students. Science Becomes Art is open to the public and is scheduled for September 26-October 16.
Featured artists are: John Burns, professor of biology; Kenn Morgan ’71, professor of fine arts; Sara Drews ’11; Emily Roth ’11; Stephanie Jacobs; Josh Wentz; Dan Zinn; and Reinhard Jasper of Paderborn, Germany. The show will include photography, video, paintings, drawings and memorabilia installations.
9974IMG0923.jpgBurns notes that Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands in 1835 and made observations of the geology and wildlife that contributed to his later formulation of the theory of natural selection. Partially retracing Darwin’s route, the Bethany College group observed first-hand the odd mix of plants and animals that have colonized the islands after being carried there by rafts of vegetation from rivers 600 miles to the east in South America, in the clay on the feet of migrating birds, or by oceanic currents. Large iguanas that forage in the sea for algae, penguins, flamingos, frigate birds and sea lions are just a few of the spectacular inhabitants of the Galapagos.
9974IMG0923.jpgThe boat Golondrina served as home for the group during the voyage through the archipeligo. Most days included hiking over volcanic rocks to sea bird nesting sites and sea lion colonies as well as swimming and snorkeling in the unspoiled marine waters, inhabited by many species of colorful fish, sea lions, and occasional sharks and stingrays. Species endemic to the Galapagos, such as the marine and land iguanas; blue footed, red-footed and masked boobies; and Darwin’s finches were of special interest to participants.
An Alumni and Artists’ Homecoming Reception, also open to the public, is set for October 7 from 7:30-9:30 p.m. as part of the College’s Homecoming Weekend festivities.   
For more information on the exhibit, contact Kenn Morgan at 304.829.7824 or

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