Bethany College Capital Campaign Reaches $47 Million

BETHANY, W.Va. - Officials at Bethany College announced today that “Transformation Now!: The Campaign for Bethany College” has reached the $47 million mark in gifts and pledges.

Launched during the 2008-09 academic year, the campaign has a Phase I, five-year goal of $52 million for capital improvements, endowment and operations, according to Dr. Scott D. Miller, President of the College. The overall goal is to raise $68 million by 2019-20 to fully fund the College’s master plan, “Bethany 2020.”

“During these most difficult economic times, our alumni and friends have remained true to Bethany College,” Dr. Miller said. “While Bethany College has both historic and excellent facilities, its future depends on the ability to grow and serve the students of tomorrow.”

According to the campaign plan, $20 million is identified for capital improvements, $25 million for endowment, and $7 million for operations during Phase I (2008-09 to 2013-14).

Dr. Miller noted the following campus improvements as a result of the campaign:

  • Renovation of historic Cochran Hall to serve as suite-style student housing for 72 students.
  • Acquisition and renovation of the former Bethany Primary School to serve as the Judith R. Hurl Center for Education.
  • Artificial turf, new track and lights at Bison Stadium.
  • Renovation of historic Christman Manor at Pendleton Heights to again serve as the president’s residence.
  • Renovation of historic Hibernia to serve as the Renner Visiting Scholars House.
  • Establishment of 18 new endowed funds, most notably the Matthew Quay Ammon Professor of Mathematics.
  • Establishment of the McCann Student Investment Fund – a unique $1.5 million investment portfolio managed exclusively by students as a learning experience. 
  • New softball field.
  • Resurfacing of the Ewing Tennis Center courts.
  • Renovation of the Cummins Community Center to serve as a 24-hour fitness center.
  • A video conferencing center at Mountainside Conference Center.
  • Renovation and expansion of the Bethany Bookstore.
  • Renovation and expansion of Benedum Commons to include:
    • Ogden Dining Hall, a food court-style dining facility.
    • The Bethany Club/Agostino Room – for private dining.
    • Boomer’s, a student game room, multi-television room and eatery.
  • Establishment of the Bethany Beanery in Morlan Hall, a new coffee shop and eatery.
  • Renovation and expansion of the Bethany House classrooms/offices/labs for the Department of Communications and Media Arts and establishment of the Bethany Broadcasting Network (BBN).
  • Extensive upgrade of technology to include partnership in the Independent College Enterprise (academic and administrative information and technology system collaborative) and connection of the T.W. Phillips Memorial Library into the Bowen Central Virtual Library of Appalachia.
  • Upgrading of the outdoor quadrangle and amphitheatre in honor of the Pennington Family and Dr. Fred Tilock, respectively.
  • “Seed” funding for two new intercollegiate sports (men’s lacrosse and women’s field hockey), and upgraded facilities and competitive status for the Equestrian Club team.  
  • Addition of four new parking lots.
  • Establishment of the Adkins Plaza and new accessibility entrance to Cramblet Hall.
  • Extensive commitment to corrective/deferred maintenance.

In addition, the campaign has funded numerous endowed scholarships and programs for academic and co-curricular initiatives, such as the student service-learning center.

Dr. Miller stated that 100 percent of the Board of Trustees and the Alumni Council, and approximately one third of the College’s alumni, contributed to the campaign. He added that there have been 3,211 donors to the campaign, including 1,100 new contributors.  Thirty-eight percent of Bethany alumni contributed to the campaign.  The endowment has grown to $53 million during the campaign – the best among private colleges in the state. 

“On the eve of our 175th year, never before has the opportunity to sustain and enhance academic excellence been so great at Bethany College,” Dr. Miller said. “Increased commitments by alumni and friends are critical to help fund important programs and needs of the College.”

“Transformation Now! The Campaign for Bethany College” is the second formal fundraising campaign in the College’s 174-year history. The campaign was recommended by James L. Fisher, LTD., a Florida-based higher education consulting firm that completed a comprehensive Institutional Review at Bethany during the 2007-08 academic year.