Bethany President to discuss Social Media on “Higher Ed Live”

BETHANY, W.Va. -- Bethany College President Dr. Scott D. Miller will be a guest on “Higher Ed Live” ( on Thursday (Jan. 29) from 1 to 2 p.m.  EST

Host Patrick Powers will discuss with author and social media strategist Dan Zaiontz his new book, “#FollowTheLeader: Lessons in Social Media Success from #HigherEdCEOs,” with tips for those looking to help their college leadership enhance its social media profile.  As one of 22 leaders of Canadian and American colleges and universities featured in the book, Dr. Miller will discuss his social media presence and strategy.

The book, "#FollowTheLeader: Lessons in Social Media Success from #HigherEdCEOs" by Dan Zaiontz was published by EDUniverse Media and is available for purchase in paperback from mStoner ( or Amazon Kindle and the iTunes Bookstore.  

“Once upon a time, college and university presidents distrusted social media,” said Zaiontz. “But no more. Presidents are using social media to amplify their voices and to engage with constituents by sharing their ideas with leading journalists on Twitter, gaining followers among students and parents on Facebook, and posting selfies with influential alumni on Instagram.”

In this groundbreaking work, Zaiontz provides insights and tips for leaders in higher education who want to adopt social media — or learn how to use it more effectively.  Through research and interviews with the 22 leaders, Zaiontz learned what strategies and tactics leaders found most effective — and which to avoid to mitigate risk. Filled with insights, anecdotes, and profiles of leaders who have successfully used social media in their roles as college and university presidents, this book offers sound advice to novices and experts alike—and for those who advise them.

The book also covers how trusted presidential advisers, including marketing and communications staff, can strategically support their organizational leaders in delivering more compelling and effective social media content.

Zaiontz, who specializes in social media strategy, speechwriting, and corporate communications, works in Strategic Planning and Public Affairs, and serves as a professor at Seneca College in Toronto. In his former sports, PR and communications roles, he represented the official Canadian broadcasters of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and the Toronto Blue Jays.

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