Liberal Arts Core

The Liberal Arts Core is designed to ensure that all Bethany students are acquainted at the college level with areas of knowledge and methods of thinking traditionally associated with a liberal arts education. Each student is required to complete successfully a three or four credit course in each of the areas listed below, with no more than two courses from the administrative department of the student’s major. The list of courses approved for satisfying the requirement in each area changes every year. Only courses taken in the year they appear on the approved list can count toward fulfillment of the requirement.

To view the approved list for 2015-16, click here.

Contemporary Society and Institutions: To explore the nature and functioning of formal and informal institutions in contemporary American society.

Aesthetic Awareness and Creativity: to develop an understanding of the principles which influence the creative process in human endeavor.

Human Behavior: To explore human development and behavior.

Life Science: To examine the nature of living things.

Literature: To explore the human dimensions of literature by reading and interpreting major literary works.

Mathematical Understanding: To apply quantitative reasoning in solving problems.

Physical Science: To examine the nature of the physical world.

The Western Tradition: To become familiar with historical and cultural developments which have contributed to the formation of the western world.