Marketing Major Goals

For the Marketing major the goal of the department is to enhance one's ability and competence in relating marketing concepts,
functions, and policies to each other in order to solve problems and analyze policies. The program will:

  • Enhance a student's understanding of various marketing concepts and strategies.
  • Enhance a student's understanding the interrelationships of implicit and explicit elements of marketing functions to economics, accounting, management, and finance.
  • Enhance a student's ability to analyze and solve problems.

Requirements for Major in Marketing

Students pursuing a Major in Marketing should complete the following: ACCT 202, 203; BUSI 222; ECON 162, 163; MATH 281, 282. All of the 200-level courses listed above should be completed by the end of the sophomore year.

In addition to the courses listed above, students majoring in Marketing are required to complete the following business core courses BUSI 310, 311, 312, 332, 478, 482; and are also required to complete the following marketing major specific courses BUSI 203, 308, 338, 412, 413, 422; ECON 280; Elective courses (3 courses, 9 credit hours); and a Senior Project in Marketing (BUSI 490). Elective courses may be selected from the following or other courses as permitted by the Marketing major advisor: BUSI 200, BUSI 265, BUSI 315, BUSI 370, PSYC 250, or any marketing courses offered in the summer online offerings from an accredited university or college and with the prior approval of the marketing major advisor.