PreK-K Multicategorical with Autism Endorsement

2017 Summer Course Offerings

First Session Summer I
June 19 - July 14

Second Session Summer II
July 17 - August 11       

SPED 212/512 Autism 1 
(3 credits)
SPED 312/612 Autism II
(30-hour field placement) (3 credits)
EDUC 204/504 Early Childhood Programs and Development
(2 credits)
SPED 310/510 Communication and Social Competence Intervention for Children with Autism 
(10-hour field placement) (2 credits)
RDGN 354/554 Early Childhood Reading
Methods and Materials
(10-hour field placement) (2 credits)
SPED 340/540 Methods and Materials in Special Needs Preschools 
(30-hour field placement) (2 credits)

** Courses are offered via online/blended platform. $390.00 per credit hour.
Field Observations are subject to Skype or video-taped review.

Contact Dr. Sherri Theaker for more information at or 304.829.7190.