History Major

 Required courses include:

Twelve credits in European history including:
HIST 101 - World Civilations I
HIST 102 - World Civilations II
Twelve credits in American history including:
HIST 201 - U.S. History I
HIST 202 - U.S. History II
Six credits in African, Asian, or Latin American history
HIST 376 - Methods of Historical Research and Writing
HIST 377 - Theory and Practice of History
HIST 490 - Senior Project
One of the following:
POLS 225 - American Politics
POLS 243 - International Politics
One of the following:
INTD 251 - Origins of Western Thought I: The Ancient World
INTD 252 - Origins of Western Thought II: The Middle Ages and Renaissance
INTD 253 - Origins of Western Thought III: The Modern Age