For each of the minors in World Languages & Cultures, a minimum of 12 credits above the 130 level are required as follows:

Required courses include:

FREN 220 - Conversation and Composition: France
FREN 221 -  Conversation and Composition: Francophone World
FREN 320 - French Civilization
or FREN 321 - Contemporary France
FREN 420 -  Survey of French Literature I
or FREN 421 - Survey of French Literature II.
(Study abroad may replace either FREN 220 or 221.)

Required courses include:

GRMN 220 - Conversation and Composition: Germany
GRMN 221 - Conversation and Composition: The German-Speaking World
GRMN 320 - Civilization of Germany
            or GRMN 321 - Civilization of the German-Speaking World
GRMN 410- Topics in German Cultures and Literatures
GRMN 420 - Survey of German Literature I
or GRMN 421 - Survey of German Literature II
(Study abroad may replace either GRMN 220 or 221.)

Required courses include:
Four courses beyond SPAN 130, chosen from the following groups:
one course from:

SPAN 220 - Conversation and Composition: Spain
SPAN 221 - Conversation and Composition: Latin America

one course from:

SPAN 320 - Civilization of Spain
SPAN 321 - Civilization of Latin America

one course from:

SPAN 420 - Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature I
SPAN 421 - Survey of Latin American Literature I
SPAN 422 - Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature II
SPAN 423 - Survey of Latin American Literature II

one course from:

SPAN 210 - Special Topics
SPAN 330 - Advanced Composition and Translation
Or an additional course from the courses listed in one of the first three groups

(Study abroad may replace either SPAN 220 or 221.)