Sports Management

Required courses include:

BIOL 107 - Human Biology
PHED 243- Socio- Psychological Perspective of Physical Activities
PHED 244- Philosophical- Historical Perspective of Physical Activites
PHED 326- Kinesiology
PHED 327- Physiology of Muscular Activity
PHED 335- Legal Issues in Sports
PHED 336- Athletic Facility Management and Planning
PHED 337- Organization and Adminstration of Physical Activities
PHED 338- Sports Marketing
PHED 471- Internship in Sports Adminstration
PHED 490- Senior Project
COMM 203- Principles of Advertistingand PR
ECON 163- Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 222- Research Methods in Economics
ECON 280- Managerial Economics
ECON 287- Organizations and Human Behavior
ECON 310- Principles of Marketing
ECON 312- Principles of Finance
ACCT 202- Financial Accounting
ACCT 203- Managerial Accounting
MATH 281- Statistical Methods I
MATH 282- Statistical Methods II

Recommended: COMM 388