Psychology with a Pre-Occupational Therapy Emphasis

All students majoring in Psychology must successfully complete the following courses: PSYC 100, 205, 207, 208, 301, 306; either 311, 312, or 313; 415, 477, 490, and 495.

Psychology with a Pre-Occupational Therapy Emphasis Track Requirements: The Pre-Occupational Therapy track prepares students for graduate study in Occupational Therapy.  Occupational therapy teaches patients with brain injuries, neurological disorders, or developmental disorders skills to overcome their deficits.  Since this field involves behavioral and cogitative training to overcome physiological programs, this track emphasizes anatomy and physiology, behavioral adjustment, mental illness, and developmental issues by requiring in addition to the psychology core courses the following: BIOL 100, 168, and 169; PSYC 230, 315, and a second lab-based psychology course (PSYC 311, 312, or 313). MATH 201, PHYS 201, and PHYS 202 may be recommended based upon the students’ selection of graduate program.