Dual Major in Psychology

The dual major in Psychology is designed for those students interested in clinical social work or mental health practice. Students completing the dual major must complete all of the requirements for Social Work major, plus all of the Requirements for Major in Psychology:

PSYC 100 - General Psychology
PSYC 205 - Statistics in Psychology I
PSYC 207 - Statistics in Psychology II
PSYC 208 - Writing Papers in Psychology
PSYC 301 - Tests and Surveys
PSYC 324 - Personality Psychology
PSYC 415 - Personality Psychology
PSYC 477 - Senior Seminar
PSYC 490 - Senior Project

Plus the courses from one of the following options:

Human Services Emphasis: A minimum of two additional credits in Psychology. Students completing this track earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.
Scientific Emphasis: Two of the following: PSYC 311 - Experimental: Cognitive, 312 - Experimental: Learning, 313 - Experimental: Biopsychology; six credits in courses in natural science, including at least two credits in biology courses emphasizing animal physiology, genetics, or natural selection with the remaining four credits in similar biology courses, physics (except Astronomy), or chemistry. Students who plan to attend graduate school in psychology are advised to take one course in calculus and a world language. Students completing this track earn a Bachelor of Science degree.