Minor in Non-profit Management

Non-profit management is a viable career option for graduates in a variety of liberal arts disciplines. Career opportunities in the public sector are on the rise and evidence from the Bureau of Labor (2009) statistics shows that jobs in this area are growing.  This minor is beneficial for social work students who have an interest in agency/program administration or program development.

The minor includes courses from interdisciplinary studies, psychology, English, philosophy, communications and media arts and accounting.
Required Courses [21 credits]
· INTD 1XX: Non-profit Management Fundamentals [3 credits]
· ACCT 202: Financial Accounting [3 credits]
· ACCT 203: Managerial Accounting [3 credits]
· PSYC/ECON 287: Organizations and Human Behavior [3 credits]
· ENGL 220: Writing for Business and Industry [3 credits]
· COMM 204: Principles of Public Relations and Marketing [3 credits]
· INTD 3XX: Internship [3 credits]
Elective Courses [any one course from list: 3 credits]
· BUSA 482: Ethics in Business or PHIL 124: Introduction to Ethics [3 credits]
· COMM 206: Public Speaking and Announcing [3 credits]
· COMM 303: Organizational Communication [3 credits]
· ENGL 223: Technical Writing [3 credits]
· MATH 281: Statistical Methods or PSYC 205: Quantitative Methods in Psychology [3 credits]
For course descriptions, please check the catalogue for discipline area noted.