What is a seminar?

It is a small class of 18 or fewer students brought together to study a single topic using a seminar format (discussion, sharing, group-interaction). It is that part of the First-Year Experience designed to enhance your academic skills as a writer and thinker.

Who takes A seminar?

All freshmen and all transfer students with 12 or fewer transfer credits are required to enroll in a First-Year Seminar for the first semester. Transfer students with 13 or more transfer credits are exempted from First-Year Seminar. If you have questions about your transfer credits, please contact the Registrar's Office at (304) 829-7834.

Who teaches seminars?

Seminars are taught by a representative group of Bethany educators, including department chairs and senior members of the faculty. These seminar leaders will also serve as your academic advisor for your first year at Bethany.

What do you do in a seminar?

You explore a designated topic through reading, writing, discussion, research, and a variety of other creative teaching/learning techniques. Your seminar will be a place where you can bridge the gap between high school and college, as well as between home and Bethany. It will provide you with an academic orientation to the College, to what the College expects of you and from you, what it has to offer you, and how you can best meet your academic goals at Bethany.

What are seminar objectives?

  • to teach students to acquire, think about, write about and use information appropriate to the seminar topic and to do so at the college level
  • to help students understand academic expectations and requirements at Bethany College to foster student understanding of what it means to use the liberal arts and sciences in the application of critical thinking
  • to encourage close student faculty interactions and foster mentor relationships

What if my seminar isn't in my major?

Most students will not take a seminar related to their major. As a liberal arts college, Bethany believes that general education is as important as specialization. Indeed, good foundation courses of a general nature, like our seminars, may well improve your performance in later courses in your major. Remember, education isn’t just to prepare you to make a good living. It is to prepare you to be good at living. As our founder Alexander Campbell put it: Your Bethany Experience will help you "to be useful to yourself and useful to others."

How do I choose a seminar?

Study the list carefully. A Seminar Preference Card is enclosed for you to sign up for topics you think you will find most interesting to study. Select and rank in order the six top selections of classes that are of interest to you. This is very important because in order to keep the seminar small, we can not guarantee your first choice. FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED. So search out those topics which will be most exciting and most intellectually stimulating to you.

More questions about the seminars?
Feel free to contact:
The Office of the Registrar