Alumni Council

Alumni Council is comprised of alumni volunteers who have been nominated and elected by their peers to govern the activities of the Alumni Association. In addition to attending two meetings on campus each year and assisting with Homecoming and Alumni Weekend activities, all Council members are assigned to a standing committee. 

Alumni Council Members

Bruce Fahey ‘77 (President)
Akron, Ohio
Kastner, Westman & Wilkins, LLC

Patrick Hosey ‘80 (Vice President)
Wilmington, Del.
Regional Account Executive,
Mainline Information Systems

Kristie Bower Barnett ’97
St. Clairsville, Ohio
V.P., Wesbanco Trust & Investment Services

Larry Meltzer ‘81
(Chair, Engagement Com.)
Dallas, Texas
Agency Principal/Creative Director, 
MM2 Public Relations
Kristi Kaminski Buren '93
(Chair, Advancement Com.)
Lutherville, Md.
Thomas Miller ‘77
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Global Transportation Group

Julia Diveglia Emrock '03
Oakdale, Pa.
School Counselor,
South Side Area School District

 David Seidman ‘65
Alexandria, Va.
Senior Technical Associate,
National Education Association

Jason Haswell '94
Wheeling, W.Va.
Managing Director/Senior Wealth Advisor,
The Monteverde Group LLC 
Joelle Blaho Sinclair ‘90
Pittsburgh, Pa.
 Ryan Hemminger ‘01
McKeesport, Pa.
Partner, Leech, Tishman, Fuscaldo & Lampl, LLC 
Jessica Swann Skywatcher ‘00
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Architect, Michael Baker International
D. Sean McBride ‘86
Fairfax, Va.
Founder & Principal,
DSM Strategic Communications & Counseling, LLC
 April Starinsky ‘02
Orlando, Fla.
News Producer, WFTV Television
Christine Lemley '93
 Potomac Falls, Va.
Adviser, The MITRE Corporation
Dan VanPelt '95
Alexandria, VA
Principal & VP,
Gorove/Slad Associates, Inc
Kerry McCann '77
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Attorney, Allegheny County
Court of Common Pleas
Elizabeth (Walsh) Verrier '96
Stony Point, NY
General Counsel & Executive V.P.,
B2R Finance L.P.
Kylin (Harvey) McCardle '03
Arlington, VA
Vice President, Barclays
Craig Williams ‘96 
Odenton, Md.
Chief of Staff, Office of Governor, Maryland
Grant McLaughlin
Arlington, Va.
Vice President
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Anyone interested in serving as a Council member is asked to contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 304.829.7299 for details.


Mark Bado ‘87, Sally (Schreiver) Bado ‘50, Harold F. Balk ‘87, J.P. Blaho ‘94, Sharon Bogarad ‘76, Ruth Caine ‘64, Francis (Fiess) Caldwell ‘59, Robert L. Coffield ‘88, Linda S. Comins ‘77, G. Malcolm Cottington ‘50, Wilbur H. Cramblet, Jr. ‘42, Katie Crosbie ‘68, Jerry Gast ‘75, Carol (Duecker) Grimes ‘66, Amy (Callahan) Hayes ‘95, Richard J. Hull ‘70, Joyce King ‘68, Carol (Dupke) Kurey ‘61, Margy Lang ‘81, Janet A. Long ‘78, Arthur C. Low ‘62, Robert L. Martin ‘40, Mary Ann Menten ‘75, Kenn Morgan ‘71, Moya (Melnick) Phelleps ‘80, Mary (Cochran) Sweeney ‘53, George Warrick ‘68, David R. Williams ‘70, Sue (Schnake) Yale ‘64