Class Agents

A Bethany College Class Agent is an alumni volunteer who serves as a liaison between his or her graduating class and the College. The Class Agent corresponds with members of his or her class to provide information about the College, classmates and The Bethany Fund.An Agent's objective is to advance the goals and support the mission of Bethany College .

  • Class Agent(s) must be active givers to The Bethany Fund during their term.
  • Class Agent(s) must communicate with their classmates no less than two (2) times per year. The Fall/Winter correspondence must include a request to give to The Bethany Fund. The Spring/Summer correspondence is an informative letter in nature.
  • A class may have up to four Agents sharing responsibilities. The Alumni Relations Office will support the Class Agent(s) as they correspond with their class by providing information about the College, classmates and The Bethany Fund.
  • At the beginning of each calendar year, the Alumni Relations Office will forward a schedule for the Class Agent(s) that will include mailing dates of Class Agent(s) correspondences and support packets from Alumni Relations Office.
  • The Alumni Relations Office will supply the Class Agent(s) with two informational mailers per year. They will be sent four to six weeks prior to the Fall/Winter correspondence and the Spring/Summer correspondence.

Current Class Agents

2013- Tanner Coles
2011- Cassidy Drilling
2010- Emily Porter
2009- Mary Lu Adams
2008- Carrie Staton
2007- Katie (Mills) Cooper
2006- Ben Brownlee
2005- Amanda (Mayernick) Wente
2004- Kristy (McGrew) Howell
2003- Samantha Martin and Shaye (Eighme) Pentino
2001- Matt Bado and Amanda (Sobeck) Leslie
1997- Brent Reynolds
1995- Chris (Colcombe) Williams
1994- JP Blaho
1993- Kathleen (Kaminski) Buren
1992- David George
1989- Doug Pettit
1982- Jeff Lampson
1981- Margy Lang
1978- Joyce (Dumbaugh) Chernenko

To volunteer as a Class Agent, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at (304) 829-7411 or send an e-mail to