Campus Blue Light Project

blue light 2.jpg

The Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority is launching the Blue Light Project - $125,000 for ensuring security measures around campus. 

Blue light call boxes are independent structures strategically placed throughout campus and other areas in need of protecting citizens. This allows the Bethany College Community to have direct access to campus security with one touch of a button. Once the button is pushed, an emergency blue light becomes active and emergency responder communication is activated. Additionally, a video camera is installed at the top of the blue light tower to surveil exterior locations on campus.



 If you currently contribute to Bethany College, we thank you and ask that you will consider making a contribution to the Blue Light Project in addition to your annual giving to the College. This will help to ensure the continued growth and vitality of the Bethany Fund as well as the successful completion of the Athletic Expansion Project.

"Our dedication and perseverance is a true testament of our commitment to Bethany. By our display of dedication and generosity, we are demonstrating what we desire from our present and future graduates.  It is our hope that they too will pass along the torch of time honored traditions of Bethany College and, although we have since graduated, our passion for our Alma Mater has not faded." 

- Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority