Application Fee Waiver

Application fee waivers can be obtained by calling or writing the Alumni Office (304) 829-7411. To validate the fee waiver, write your name and class year in the appropriate space, and give the waiver and application to a worthy student. The fee waiver must be attached to a completed application when it arrives in the Admission Office. If you don't know any college-bound students but would like to participate in the program, contact the Admission Office for the name of a student in your area by calling (304) 829-7611 or sending an e-mail to

Legacy Students

Children and grandchildren of Bethany alumni qualify for a grant in honor of their legacy relationship to Bethany College. The current award, $1,500 per year, was established by the late Forrest H. Kirkpatrick '27, former dean and professor emeritus. If your child or grandchild has applied to Bethany, please be sure to have him or her indicate a relationship to a Bethanian on the application form.