Students who need official transcripts should submit a Transcript Request Form. Please allow 72 hours for processing. Transcripts are issued only at the written and signed request of the student or graduate. Official transcripts are sent directly to the recipient, or to the address specified in the request.

A fee of $10.00 per transcript will apply for all official transcripts. Fees must accompany the request. All financial obligations to the College must be paid before a transcript is issued.

Copies of Bethany College transcripts may be requested in writing to:

Office of the Registrar
Box 57, 31 E. Campus Dr.
Bethany College
Bethany, WV 26032

Or faxed to:

Office of the Registrar

Please send a completed Transcript Request Form with a check made payable to Bethany College for $10.00 per transcript requested or a credit card number with the expiration date.

A transcript can be overnighted through Federal Express, within the United States, as long as a credit card number and expiration date is provided. The approximate cost of this is $30.00. The Office of the Registrar must call Federal Express before 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in order for the transcript to be picked up that day.