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1994 National Champion Men’s Soccer Team

After 15 appearances in the NCAA Tournament and one second-place finish (1982), the
1994 Bison men’s soccer team overcame many obstacles, including three shootouts, to win its
first National Championship. All five tournament games went to at least double overtime and
three were decided by shootouts. The Championship game, against Johns Hopkins, went to
double overtime with the Bison coming out on top, 1-0.

The goalie from that team, Malleh Sallah, was the PAC MVP in 1994 and also earned
All-America honors. Nine players from that team were named All-Conference; Sallah, Dave
Gross, Shon Meale, Dave Farmer, Eric Fries, Dawda Njie, Sainey Sanyang, Aaron Squire and
Seth Zaharako.