Administration and Staff

Office of the President
Tamara Nichols Rodenberg, President of the College
Stephanie Gordon, Assistant to the President
William R. Kiefer, General Counsel
Division of Academic Affairs
Joseph Lane, Provost and Dean of Faculty, and Professor of Political Science
Katherine Shelek-Furbee, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and Director of the Social Work Program
Richard Miller, Director of Institutional Research and Retention
Lisa Cucarese, Registrar
Maureen Golick, Assistant Registrar
Harald Menz, Director of International Studies 
John Osborne, Director of Career & Professional Development
Amy Vanhorn, Assistant Director of Career & Professional Development
Heather Taylor, Director of the McCann Learning Center and Coordinator of the Writing Center
Cathy Gordon, Executive Secretary to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty
Sherri Honaker, Administrative Assistant for Social Work
Regina Thayer, Secretary, Education Department

T.W. Phillips Memorial Library/Mary Cutlip Center for Library and Information Technology 
Heather Ricciuti, The Mary Cutlip Director of the Libraries & Learning Resources
Elizabeth Carpenter, Liberal Arts Librarian
Sharon Monigold, Reference, Instruction and Archives Librarian
Thomas V. Furbee, Director of Media Services and Classroom Technology
Edward Stough, Director of Network Operations
Larry Gray, Help Desk Technician

Department of Student Life
Gerald Stebbins, Vice President and Dean of Students
Andrew Lewis, Assistant Dean of Student Life
Samuel Goodge, Director of Student Activities
Alyssa Federoff, Director of Student Engagement and Responsibility and Title IX Coordinator
Renee Stock, College Counselor
Carol Tyler, Director of Student Health Services
Robert C. Marks, College Physician
Basil P. Papadimitriou, College Physician
Michaelynn Ulrich, Secretary, Student Life

Division of Business and Finance
Department of Business and Finance
Deidra Parr, Interim Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Saralyn Dague, Director of Business Affairs
Helen Brancazio, Director of Human Resources
Gregory S. Jones, Staff Accountant
Korin Hoskinson, Data Base Administrator
Capricha Thompson, Accounts Payable Processor
Cheryll Weekley, Payment Processor 
Robin Meyers, Receivables Accountant
Jennifer Reed, Budget/Financial Analyst
Donna White, General Manager, Mountainside Conference Center
Kay Rowland, Assistant Manager, Mountainside Conference Center
Rosemary Bernth, Manager, Bookstore
Christine Wroniak, Coordinator of Duplicating Center and Mailroom

Department of Physical Plant
Jay Eisenhauer, Director of the Physical Plant and Supervisor of Housekeeping
Robert E. Brown, Supervisor, Gardens and Landscaping
Leland B. Mackey, Supervisor, Heat Plant and Mechanical Technician
Ruletta Minor, Secretary

Center for Enrollment and Financial Aid
Mollie Cecere, Vice President for Enrollment Management
Jill Fernandes, Executive Director of Financial Aid
Rebecca Pauls, Director of Enrollment Management
Erika Rohrig, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Natalie Shaw, Assistant Director of Enrollment Management
Lauren Dougherty, Financial Aid Assistant
Justin Miller, Database Manager
Cody Latimer, Enrollment Counselor
Kate Throckmorton, Enrollment Counselor
Chris Stephens, Enrollment Counselor

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation
Brian K. Rose, Director of Athletics and Recreation
Janice L. Forsty, Associate Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Head Women’s Softball Coach
Aaron Anslow, Faculty Athletics Representative
Richard F. Carver, Head Baseball Coach
William J. Garvey, Head Football Coach
Michael Guinn, Head Cross Country Coach and Assistant Track and Field Coach
Nick Hager, Head Men’s Basketball Coach and Head Men's Tennis Coach
Ryan Hilyer, Head Men's Lacrosse Coach
Courtney Kline, Head Volleyball Coach
Jon Arlet, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Sean Regan, Head Men’s Soccer Coach and Head Golf Coach
Brian Sansom, Head Women's Basketball Coach
Stephen A. Upton, Head Track and Field Coach and Assistant Football Coach
Michael Viscardi, Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Coach
Kristin Prokopakis, Head Women's Tennis Coach
Joe Battagalia, Assistant Football Coach
Chad Boskat, Assistant Football Coach
Abigail Hoard, Head Athletic Trainer
Kimberly Lafferre, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Andrew Woodley, Director of Sports Information
Megan Salatino, Cheerleading Coach
Debbie Soly, Secretary, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation
Institutional Advancement
Sven de Jong, Senior Vice President
Robert Oltmanns, Director of Communications & Integrated Marketing
Hannah McNerney, Director of Alumni Relations
Gregory Caprara, Director of Development for Special Projects
Laura Rauch, Major Gifts Officer
Shirley C. Kemp, Director of Advancement Services
W. Darwin Collins, Director of Planned Giving
Megan Salatino, Communications Assistant
Ginni Walden, Executive Assistant for Advancement