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March, 2014


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Dr. Scott D. Miller
President of the College



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Building Individuals, Scholars, and Leaders

One of the great things about Bethany College is the affection, devotion, and appreciation that our alumni feel toward their alma mater. That was evident on February 15 when Todd Owens, Class of 1993, returned to address a packed dining hall of potential Kalon Scholars and their families.

The annual luncheon invites accepted Bethany students to compete for the scholarship based on their leadership and service potential. The candidates are chosen from high school seniors across the nation with demonstrated achievement in leadership, a superior academic record, and submission of a strong essay on an assigned topic.

Three-person teams composed of a Bethany faculty or staff member, a current Bethany student, and a Bethany graduate conduct in-depth interviews of each candidate to complete the evaluation process. We congratulate all who visit, and encourage them to enroll at Bethany.

Todd Owens, the co-founder and principal of Nonprofit Talent, has 14 years of nonprofit experience, in both consulting and executive search services. He was recently named by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as one of the “People to Know Around Pittsburgh in the New Year.” Like many of our previous Kalon speakers, Todd—a member of the Kalon Society himself and recipient of the prestigious Francis O. Carfer Prize—expressed his love of Bethany and gratitude for the education he received here as he challenged the assembled students to reach beyond themselves.

“You’re all leaders at a time when our country needs innovative and creative leadership from your generation,” he said, encouraging the students to “live a life that you and your parents can be proud of.”

From his first moments at Bethany, Todd felt that he was “more than a G.P.A. and wasn’t just a number.” He cited his influential association with former Dean of Students Darline Nicholson and his work on the campus programming board which led to his refining his management and leadership skills.  In his words, his experiences here pushed the limits of what he thought he was capable of. He was encouraged to take risks, and he said that the Bethany community was also supportive as he confronted an intensely personal part of his family history.

Today, Todd is much in demand as an authority within the non-profit community, helping to bring the best leaders possible to organizations to address complex community challenges. Clearly his time at Bethany was instrumental in his success as he now inspires future Bethanians to excel  as “individuals,  scholars, and leaders.”

We thank Todd for his wonderful presentation to our Kalon candidates, and look forward to welcoming a new class of scholars to the Bethany Kalon Society in the fall.

Todd and other Bethanians appreciate that the College has prepared them well for the possibilities of career and life. That tradition continues for every incoming student at Bethany. Recently the College has intensified student-recruitment marketing of “The Bethany Plan,” which puts our freshmen on a solid path to success from the moment they enroll and across their four years at Bethany.

The Bethany Plan aids students in becoming an integral part of academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. In addition to a January Term Freshman Seminar and Connections Class, students create a career-development plan, draft a resume, and begin to collect and organize in a professional way their activities, experiences, and achievements. They can take advantage of global study-abroad trips, career-focused internships, and research opportunities. Senior capstone projects and comprehensive examinations round out a student’s education at Bethany.

Other unique Bethany programs, such as the Cooey-Davis Experiential Fellowships and leadership programs in various academic departments including Communications and Media Arts and Social Work, enhance our students’ preparation for rapidly changing job realities and the high degree of mobility in the career marketplace.

Each generation of Bethany alumni has always enjoyed the special advantages attained on our beautiful mountaintop campus. That speaks volumes about inspiring the kind of alumni loyalty that we enjoy. For 174 years, we have been committed to student success, and our tradition of innovation and opportunity continues. As for our Kalon speaker, Todd Owens, and countless Bethanians, we truly go the extra mile at A Small College of National Distinction.

To see Dr. Miller's biography: www.bethanywv.edu/about-bethany/president-and-college-leadership/