Name   Title   Phone   Email  
Turner, J. W. Associate Professor of English, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum (304) 829-7946 wturner@bethanywv.edu
Straub, Travis G. Renner Visiting Scholar, Assistant Professor of English tstraub@bethanywv.edu
Menz, Harald J. Professor of World Languages & Cultures (German), Co-Chair of the Department of Humanities, Director of International Studies and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies (304) 829-7915 hmenz@bethanywv.edu
Maher, Julianne Lecturer in World Languages & Cultures (French) (304) 829-7910 jmaher@bethanywv.edu
Lovano, Joseph Professor of World Language and Cultures (Spanish) (304) 829-7912 jlovano@bethanywv.edu
Lamson, Brandon Assistant Professor of English (304) 829-7941 blamson@bethanywv.edu
Janeshek, Jessie Assistant Professor of English (304) 829-7927 jjaneshek@bethanywv.edu
Hull, Elizabeth M. Dr. Robert L. Martin Chair in English Literature, Professor of English (304) 829-7920 ehull@bethanywv.edu
Hillgardner, Holly Assistant Professor of Religious Studies (304) 829-7941 HHillgardner@bethanywv.edu
Deal, Brooke Lemmons Thomas W. Phillips Chair of Religious Studies, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and and Co-Chair of the Department of Humanities (304) 829-7718 bdeal@bethanywv.edu