Online Reading Endorsement K-6; 5-9; 5-Adult Grades

Teachers can add the Reading Endorsement to a current teaching certificate by taking the following courses at Bethany College. Through completing the reading endorsement program at Bethany College, certified teachers may be considered a Highly Qualified Title I reading teacher in West Virginia and other states. ** 

Below are the Bethany College courses that meet the requirements for the reading endorsement. 

 Prerequisite: Valid Elementary, Middle, or Secondary Teaching License

 EDUC 346

 Foundations of Literacy

 3 credits

 EDUC 351

 Language Arts and Social Studies Methods

 3 credits

 RDNG 215

 Adolescent and Children’s Literature

 3 credits

 RDNG 347

 Reading Assessment and Instruction

 3 credits

 RDNG 376

 Content Area Literacy

 3 credits

 RDNG 422

 Reading Clinic

 4 credits

 **Please refer to your school district and state department of education as requirements and reciprocity agreements may vary.

According to the State of West Virginia Policy 5202, in order to be recognized as a Highly Qualified Reading Teacher the following criteria must be met:

Title I Reading Teacher – According to the NCLB guidelines, a Title I reading teacher is considered highly qualified if s/he holds certification in elementary education or multi-subjects.  For state certification as a Title I reading teacher, the WVBE requires a master’s degree in reading specialist, completion of a graduate level reading specialist program, a reading authorization, or completion of a reading endorsement program.

The reading endorsement can be granted only to individuals who hold a professional teaching certificate.

The reading endorsement shall reflect those grade levels that appear on the individual’s professional teaching certificate.

Who Can Take These Courses

This program is for licensed teachers who wish to add on the reading endorsement to their current teaching license.  Courses are offered online for a competitive fee and may be completed in less than one year. If the applicant has completed reading courses comparable to those offered at Bethany within the past 5 years, credits may be transferrable upon review by the Bethany College Department of Education.

Get Started

  • Must call Bethany College Education Department 1-304-829-7182
  • Must provide proof of bachelor's degree or teaching certificate
  • Apply online