Student Spotlight: Ashleigh Asbury

Ashleigh Asbury in China with the Business Administration
Accounting Club during a trip to China in May 2014.

It's all about location for Bethany College senior Ashleigh Asbury. A Hurricane, West Virginia, native, Bethany was just far enough from home for her to get the true college experience. "Looking back, I can't see myself attending any other school, anywhere," she said. "It's truly become my second home."

Bethany has led her to many other places as well -- some not so close to home. "I have traveled to Dubai, Mexico, China and Ireland all with various organizations on campus. From dune bashing in the desert to climbing the Great Wall of China, I have made great memories on each trip with a different group of Bethanians every time."

College, she says, is all about new experiences. "Maybe you weren't interested in joining a Greek house when you arrived. Try it -- you'll probably love t! Maybe you have never traveled outside of the United States before. Try it. You honestly never know what is out there for you to enjoy unless you give it a shot.

"Get involved on campus. Being involved is what is going to open doors for opportunities," she says. As president of Alpha Xi Delta, president of the Business Administration & Accounting Club and Vice President of the Spanish Club, she's taken her own advice.

An accounting major, Ashleigh has already gained a lot of experience in the field. She has worked in the College's business and finance office since her freshman year, helping with payroll, contract management and accounts payable. This summer, she's interning at a large contracting company, where she will work with accounts payable.

"With the knowledge I have now, I'm able to confidently apply for jobs and internships and have a basic understanding of what they are expecting of me," she said.