Student Spotlight: Ashley Worst

Junior Ashley Worst has spent a lot of her time at Bethany College off campus, at Oglebay Stables, the home of Bethany's Equine Team. She's president of the Equestrian Club and also competes on the Hunt Seat team. As an Equine Management major, she has also learned how to run the stables through hands-on experience.

 Ashley Worst, an Equine Management major, competes on the Bethany College Equestrian Club Hunt Seat Team.

Her favorite experience at the stables took place during her freshman year, when the Equestrian Club was given the chance to help out with more than 15 horses that had been abandoned. Club members volunteered to help care for the horses, and they also interacted with them to help them get acclimated to humans.

She spent a lot of time working with Ace, a horse that was particularly skittish, and had struck out at others who came into his stall.

"I worked with him for days, and one day, after trying for over an hour, he came up to me and got the courage to sniff my glove.

"This is up there with the most life-changing moments in my life. It was the only time that we touched the entire time we worked together. He would avoid my touch at all costs prior and post this interaction. To me, though, it was enough. He willingly let down his guard enough to let me in, even if it was just for a second. It's quite a humbling experience," she said. "Someone was able to snap a picture of the moment, and it is one that I will forever cherish."


How are you involved on campus?
Equestrian Club President, Hunt Seat Team, Cross-Country, Track and Field, First Year Kalon Co-Advisor, Alpha Xi Delta Historian, Panhellenic Council Vice-President, and Japanese Culture Club member. Also, I'm a Resident Assistant, and I work at the College Library.

Why did you choose Bethany College?
I chose Bethany because it allows me to do pretty much everything that I want to do. I am able to bring my artistic side to life during the school day, drive to the barn to ride my horse, then come back and run at track practice. It can be a chaotic life, but quite honestly I wouldn't change it for the world. This is also what makes Bethany special. You can be a diverse person and not have to forfeit anything to fit in because there will always be other people like you. Bethany has all the opportunities to keep you busy 24/7; it's just up to you to take advantage of what is laid before you. Choose wisely because you might find something else that you love and do not have time for!

What’s one thing every Bethany student should experience?
An art class. It doesn't matter if you are an artistic person or not, the visual arts classes are something that make the Liberal Arts experience complete. The drawing classes allow students to unlock hidden potential by learning how to use the right side of the brain. The clay classes give students the opportunity to use their imagination to create art that can actually be used everyday. It does not matter what class is taken, as long as an open mind is kept, students have the opportunities to create a whole new side of themselves.    

Do you have any advice for incoming students?
on't be afraid to say “yes,” but at the same time don't be afraid to say “no,” and talk to your RA. All of these things will help you to get the most out of Bethany as quickly as possible. You can go far in life, but ultimately it comes down to the basics and how you build a foundation to allow you to utilize everything when you first have the opportunity.

How has Bethany prepared you for a career?
Bethany, thus far, has prepared me for a career through some of the business classes that can be used in management positions later in life. I have the equine part pretty much down just from going to Oglebay Stables and watching how things are run. It's amazing what you can learn from hands on experience. After graduation, I plan on helping manage the barn that I currently work  at, out of which runs the nonprofit organization Emmaus Horsemanship. The nonprofit has been a large part of my life, and I cannot wait to be able to help it grow and flourish after I have graduated from Bethany.