Student Spotlight: Caroline Rubash

"High school is about fitting in. College is about finding yourself."

Caroline Rubash says that's the best advice she could give an incoming student. She believes working hard and being a part of the campus community are necessary to have the best college experience. Caroline has done both. She's a member of Alpha Xi Delta, a student worker in the Historic Bethany Archives, a history tutor, a lifeguard at the recreation center, and a member of the History Club. She's been on the Dean's List for the past three semesters, and she has a 3.9 GPA.

Caroline Rubash with the prize for sorority with highest GPA, an honor she's proud of and helped her sorority receive.

Caroline says her favorite memory at Bethany so far was at Fall Convocation, when her sorority was awarded the Anna Ruth Bourne Scholarship Cup for the highest house GPA. "I love being a member of organization that places so much value on academics, while simultaneously balancing that with the social aspects of college."

It's one of many great memories she plans to make during the rest of her time at Bethany, a college she knew was the right choice for her as soon as she stepped foot on campus.

"When I was visiting colleges and touring various campuses, I found myself comparing Bethany to these colleges. I would say the people at Bethany make it special. Being surrounded by natural beauty, and the general feeling of home I get here is one of a kind. I have met countless people that inspire me in and out of the classroom."

As a history major, Caroline also enjoys learning about Bethany's past. The College is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year, and Caroline has had the chance to see some of that history close up.

"Working in the archives reminds me of how unique Bethany is. I sorted through newspapers from the 20th century, reading about the founding year of Alpha Xi Delta. I also organize pictures of Greek life, and seeing old composites of sororities and fraternities reminds me how important Greek life is to the social climate of Bethany."

Her long-term goals include a master's degree in Native American History, a doctorate in History, and possibly teaching American history at a College like Bethany.

Until then, she says she has a short-term goal she's constantly working on: "to leave a positive and lasting impression on Bethany as a driven, motivated and kind person."