Student Spotlight: Chris Burg

Chris Burg spends much of his time preparing for upcoming
football games. His favorite memory at Bethany was when
the team beat rival Washington & Jefferson in 2013.
Chris led the team in tackles. 

As a student-athlete, Chris Burg has learned how to excel in the classroom and on the field. The experience has been a big transition from high school.

“Once you become a college athlete, it becomes a full time job," he said. Working out, practices, and watching film become a lot more important on the collegiate level. You also have to include the social time or an on-campus job. If a person is able to successfully manage time as a student-athlete, not be majorly distracted, and maintain good grades, then they have figured out the secret to college.”

Chris might have figured out the secret. Not only is he a two-year captain of the Bethany Bison football team, but he’s also part of Student Government Association, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and has done volunteer work as well. He credits some of his success to the administration at Bethany. “All of the staff and faculty are just genuinely good people, and whenever I looked for help with anything I was always given their best efforts,” he said.

Another thing that sets Bethany apart, he said, is how close he is with other Bethanians.

“There is a camaraderie that you automatically gain with people. It is a small school, so everybody kind of knows everybody. You gain some close life-long friends whether it be through a sport or Greek life, and it becomes something special to you."

Chris graduates in May, and he's worked hard to build up his resume for a career in sports management. He's helped organize intramural basketball on campus, he's worked at the Thomas Phillip Johnson Recreation Center, and he's also interned with Martinsburg High School's softball team as its strength and conditioning coach.

"All of my internships have taught me about event management and time management. The basketball intramurals internship prepared me to be able to coordinate any sporting tournaments or events. I was responsible for making schedules, scheduling referees and score keepers for the games, and making sure our starting times were on point so that we were able to get all of the scheduled games played.

"The recreation center internship prepared me for a field in athletic facility management. I referred to a lot of tactics I learned in the class Athletic Facility Management & Planning (PHED 336). I was responsible for some maintenance and upkeep of the facility, assisting with any questions about the facility, and monitoring any usage of the recreation center’s basketball courts or weight room.

"My off-campus internship as a strength and conditioning coach for my former high school’s softball team was a great experience for me. I had complete creative control as to what type of workouts and conditioning they would be doing.  I saw major improvements with their strength and conditioning from the beginning of my time working with them to the end of my time working with them."

After graduation, Chris plans to first to get his certification as a personal trainer. Then, he plans to get a master’s degree in sports administration or education while working as a graduate assistant football coach. From there, he hopes to coach full-time.