Student Spotlight: Ian Shephard

Bethany College junior Ian Shephard

When asked what advice he'd give an incoming student, junior Ian Shephard said, "You have your whole life to sit in your room or home and do nothing, but only four years to be an undergrad. Don’t waste them."

Ian has definitely taken his own advice. His involvement at Bethany includes Men’s Soccer (3 years), Golf (1 year), PRSSA (2015 vice president), Beta Theta Pi (2015 vice president, 2014 and 2015 scholarship chair and public relations chair), BCTV (2013-2015 director), and Inter-Fraternal Council public relations chair.

He said balancing all of those activities was tricky at first. "Coming in as a freshman and playing soccer, having 18 credits, working for BCTV when I was free, and finding time to relax and hang out with friends is tough, but as I continue my time at Bethany it has become easier, and now it doesn’t even seem like a troubling task."


What classroom experience took you by surprise, and why?
The amount of students in each class took me by surprise.  I think it does that to everyone when they first come to Bethany.

What is your favorite memory at Bethany?
Homecoming.  My freshman year most of all, because we had just finished playing our game and as soon as we walked up the hill, everyone was out to support the sports teams.  It was the first time I had seen so many Bethany students and alumni out to support the school.

What makes Bethany special?
There are so many things from the great history and alumni to the “Bethany Bubble” all together.  It’s hard to say what exactly makes it special, because there are so many things.