Student Spotlight: Kaitlin Perch

Kaitlin Perch, a junior from Hackettstown, New Jersey, is pictured with Bethany College's mascot, Boomer. The two are forming the sign for Zeta Tau Alpha, a sorority of which Kaitlin is a proud member.


Junior Kaitlin Perch was really surprised by how small the classes can be at Bethany. As she began to advance into higher-level accounting courses, Kaitlin says the class sizes went from 20 students to about seven. It's one of the reat things about a small college like Bethany.

"It creates a great learning environment. If you have a question about the lesson or your professor is moving too fast, there is no problem asking him or her to slow down. It's great to know your professors are people, too!"

"When I went to visit colleges they all said I would have relationships with my professors," Kaitlin says, recalling when she was a high school senior looking for the right college for her.

"But I never imagined these relationships; professors at Bethany are willing to help with anything. At Bethany you are not just a number. And I wouldn’t want it any other way."

What's your favorite memory at Bethany?
Definitely joining Zeta, I live about seven hours from home and I grew up with three older sisters; so to be this far from them is hard. But the best thing I’ve ever done was go through recruitment and end up choosing Zeta Tau Alpha. Without these young women I wouldn’t be able to be this far from home. 

What's one thing you wish you knew as a freshman?
How fast time really does go. I cringe every time I say I am a junior, because, how can I be that old?

What is the most difficult thing about college, and how do you overcome that challenge?
Time management. It’s one of the most important life-skills college will teach you. I have to write out almost every hour of my day so I know I won’t miss anything. Sometimes you’ll want to skip to take a nap, because you’ll probably need it, but you can’t!

What are your plans after graduation?
Saying I’m a junior is actually terrifying because now this question actually means something! But after I graduate next year I will most likely earn my Certified Public Accountant degree and hopefully work for a corporation.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?
Just to get involved - get involved in anything that seems interesting to you! Even if your roommate or best friend doesn’t want to join; having different groups of friends that you didn’t expect is a great thing to do! You’ll learn a lot from these new people, about them and about you.