Student Spotlight: Kyle Rockey

"Bethany is special because it allows you to become whomever you want to be," said Kyle Rockey, a senior from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

"I came to Bethany with a high school GPA I wasn't very proud of, and I was at a point where I really wasn’t happy with who I had become over the years.

"I chose Bethany because it was so far away from home, and I could be someone that I actually enjoyed being: me.
Kyle Rockey, a Bethany College senior, while running in a
Student Government Association election.

"Three years into my education at Bethany, I’ve become involved, made some of the greatest friends, found someone who I can see with me in the future, and I have a great GPA. Bethany really allowed me to mold myself into who I wanted to be."

Kyle has taken what Bethany has to offer, and he's run with it. He's highly involved on campus, with achievements including President of Intrafraternity Council and Vice President of Student Government Association. He's held multiple roles in his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, and he was chosen by Bethany's president as an Office of the President Student Assistant.

He's also a resident assistant, orientation leader, and, occasionally, he's Bethany's mascot, Boomer the Bison. Bethany gave Kyle the tools to be successful, but his hard work made it possible for him to have an incredible first three years at Bethany.


What’s one thing no Bethany student should miss?
Don’t miss out on looking into Greek Life. If you are a freshman, join Spring Recruitment. Even if you choose not to join any Greek House, still give yourself the opportunity. Greek Life at Bethany changed my life for the better. I wouldn’t be as involved if I didn’t join Delta Tau Delta, and I wouldn't be the person I am today without my brothers.

What is some advice you would give an incoming freshman at Bethany?
Don’t miss all the opportunities Bethany offers to become involved! Join clubs, look into Greek Life, study/visit abroad, find an internship, and really enjoy all the wonders that Bethany College has to offer.

What is the most difficult thing about college, and how do you overcome that challenge?
Probably the most difficult thing about college is leaving home and really being on your own for the first time. The best way to overcome this is surround yourself with friends who you can lean on to help you through this difficult transition. I was extremely homesick when I left to come to Bethany in 2011. I wanted to leave and transfer, but the friends I made stuck by my side and really got me through all the difficulties of being on my own.

What are your plans for after college, and how will Bethany help you reach your goals?
My goal after Bethany is to go right into graduate school, where I will study for my Master’s in Education with a focus on School Counseling. Bethany will help me reach my goals with all the resources they have with their faculty and alumni guiding me in the right direction.