Student Spotlight: Lauren Simpson

Junior women's basketball guard Lauren Simpson plans to turn her love of sports into a career in the sports information field.

If she's not on the court playing for the women's basketball team, Lauren Simpson can be found in the press box at other Bethany sporting events. She works for the Sports Information Department, where she compiles statistics, updates the athletics website and runs game day operations.

She hopes to use this hands-on experience to land a job in sports information after college.

"Working in this department has given me a preview to what this job entails, further convincing me that this would be a great job for me, as well as hands on experience that will give me an advantage in the field of sports information," she said.

Lauren also balances a lot of other activites at Bethany. She's a member of the sorority Phi Mu, president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and the Junior Fellow of the Business, Communications & Media Arts Department.

She says it can be tough to juggle everything, but she's learned to find the time for classes, clubs, her sorority and her job through good time management. Of course, she says, that doesn't mean she doesn't have time for friends. 

"One piece of advice I would give to every freshman is to remember that you are here for your education, but make sure you take some time to have fun too," she said.


What classroom experience took you by surprise, and why?
The classroom experience that took me most by surprise was my Digital and Audio Production of Music class with Pandel Collaros that I had last semester.  It was completely different than any class I had previously taken and it was my favorite class that I have taken here so far.  Not many people have the chance to actually produce their own music, which I was able to do in this class.  I would definitely recommend it to other students. 

Favorite memory at Bethany:
My favorite memory at Bethany so far was when our basketball team upset Westminster on my birthday last year on their court.  It was a great win and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present. 

What makes Bethany special?
The personal attention that you receive from your professors, the unique four-year plan that students experience while at Bethany, and the close-knit community is what makes Bethany so special.  The fact that it is so easy to get involved on campus and make a name for yourself also makes Bethany special. 

What’s one thing no Bethany student should miss?
Every Bethany student should take advantage of any opportunity that is given to them during their time here.  College is a time to try new things and come out of your comfort zone, and Bethany is a great place to do exactly this since it is so easy to get involved on campus.