Student Spotlight: Natalie Knauer

Junior Natalie Knauer spent last year's Spring Break volunteering in Trinidad. She is pictured with Quesha, a girl she met who she says "left a footprint on my heart without even realizing it."

“This is the time in life to really branch out, to show yourself that you’re a leader and much more capable of the things you thought you weren’t,” junior Natalie Knauer said about college. The four years go quick, and she wants to be sure she’s making the most of her time at Bethany. That’s why she jumped at the chance to spend spring break on a service trip in Trinidad.

“Throughout our week in Trinidad, we did some service projects that the town needed done. We painted curbs, painted a mural, made a fence, and made little flower pots. We got to take a hike through the rain forest, saw sea turtles, mingled with Trinidadians, tried exotic foods,  took a boat through a bird sanctuary, and most importantly we got to get a feel for a culture that was much different from our own.

“The entire trip was amazing to me, but something that totally took me by surprise was meeting a little Trinidadian girl named Quesha. Every day when we went to the main house for breakfast, she would run up to us and immediately ask to sit on my lap. She would play with my phone, dance, sing and tell stories. Quesha was so full of life and when it was finally the day to leave, she cried. I remember hugging her and waving bye, knowing that she left a footprint on my heart without even realizing it.”


How are you involved on campus?
I’m a member of the Field Hockey Team, Vice President of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Co-chair for Relay for Life, Member of Student Activities Committee, and an officer for a sorority on campus.

What’s special about Bethany?
The location and size of the campus. Being such a small college is something that sets Bethany apart from most colleges and universities. It helps you become more than just a number and you’re able to be on a first name basis with your professors. You are able to walk through campus and know just about everybody who passes by you. You never have to worry about eating meals alone because there is always somebody in the dining halls that you know. We are more than just a college, we are a family.

What’s one thing no Bethany student should miss?
No Bethany student should miss the opportunity to get involved. Whether it’s going Greek, joining a sports team, or joining any of the clubs we have on campus everybody should get involved. If Bethany doesn’t have a club that you’re interested in, then make one yourself, just get involved!

What’s one thing you wish you knew as a freshman?
One thing I wish I knew as a freshman was that college really does fly by faster than you truly think. I remember being a freshman and people telling me that, but I never really believed them because at the time I was still stuck adjusting to being at college and away from home. Now that I’m a junior and college is half way over, I realize that the past two years have flown by faster than I ever would have thought.