Student Spotlight: Taylor Lewis

"My favorite memory at Bethany was winning Homecoming
Queen and getting to celebrate 
that with my sisters in
Zeta Tau Alpha," Taylor Lewis says.

Taylor Lewis came to Bethany as a quiet freshman from Bridgeport, West Virginia. Her senior year, she found herself on the football field during halftime, accepting the crown as Bethany's 2014 Homecoming Queen.

"I came to this school not knowing a soul," Taylor said. "I was very shy and not great talking to others if I didn't know them."

However, she said joining a sorority and branching out gave her the confidence to be a well-known face on campus.

"The biggest thing I wish I knew as a freshman was how easy it is to get involved and meet new people. As I got older, I realized that there are so many different and unique people on campus, and it was really cool to get involved with them in clubs and sororities," Taylor said.

 Taylor has a long list of involvement at Bethany: Zeta Tau Alpha, Panhellenic Council IFC Representative, Psychology Club President, Student Alumni Association Secretary, psychology lab proctor, Women’s Soccer Captain, Psi Chi member, Gamma Sigma Alpha member, Alpha Phi Omega member, and tour guide for prospective students.

She also had an internship this summer, which she says reassured her that psychology is the perfect field of study for her.

"I worked with children with behavioral disorders, kids who were considered to be  “bullies” in their elementary and middle schools," she says of the Bully Busters program through the Salvation Army.

"I was scared to go in on my first day, but as I got to know each one of them, I found out that they weren’t as fortunate as most are. They knew right from wrong, they just needed guidance that they may not have at home. Getting to work with these kids helped me realize that what I wanted to do was the right choice. Getting to watch these young children grow into the people they wanted to become confirmed for me that pursuing a psychology degree would be the right path I needed to take. It was beyond rewarding to know that I had such an impact on them."

Taylor will graduate in May, with plans to attend graduate school and possibly become a professor.