Student Spotlight: Tyler Pannebaker

Senior math major Tyler Pannebaker is president of the Math Computer Science Club, he helps with Math and Science Day, and he's a member of the math honor society Kappa Mu Epsilon. Tyler was chosen as the Mathematics Senior Fellow because he has demonstrated unusual excellence in his major, along with the character and ability necessary to do the work in the department.

Tyler plays midfielder for the Bison. He's been a part of the soccer team all four of his years at Bethany.

However, Tyler's involvement at Bethany goes far beyond the classroom.

Outside of Richarson Hall, where most of his math classes are held, you might find Tyler on the soccer field or on the links: He's a member of both the soccer and golf teams.

He says being involved is the key to having a great college experience.

"Whether it is by joining a club or a sports team or attending any of the events that the school puts on, be involved. You miss out on so much if you just sit in your room," Tyler says.

What’s one thing you wish you knew as a freshman?
I wish I knew that college really wasn’t as scary as some people make it out to be. If I had come in and known how college classes were beforehand, there would have been a lot less stress the first semester of trying to rush to get homework done and to study for exams.

What classroom experience took you by surprise, and why?
Having a class with four other people in it. I was not expecting to have a class with such individualized attention and I was able to learn the material easier than in any other classes I have had. 

What is the most difficult thing about college, and how do you overcome that challenge?
I believe the most difficult thing about college is learning how to manage your time effectively. This is hard your first year because you have so much free time in between classes and at night. You have to find the correct balance with when you can relax and have fun and when you need to be doing your work. This was a lot easier for me when I first started than I expected because I started off in soccer season, so most of my day was already planned out and I had a schedule that I followed. 

How has your time at Bethany helped you become the person you are today?
Bethany has provided me with numerous opportunities to travel the country and to meet people from all over the world. It has helped me to grow as both a student and as a person. I am happy that I found Bethany and chose to attend here. These four years have been better than I could have ever imagined, and I gained so much valuable experience as well as many life-long friends.