Bethany welcomes all who desire a growing faith.


Bethany welcomes students from many different faith traditions. The College has an historic and on going relationship with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Bethany is a great place to experience the ecumenical community in action. Our students of differing beliefs and backgrounds join together in fellowship, worship and service. College is a time for questioning and growth. Some of our students arrive with a deeply-rooted faith. Some come unsure of what they believe but wanting to find meaning and relevance in their lives. At Bethany, students find a safe place to question, explore and develop a growing faith in the context of a caring community.

Bethany has a long history of interweaving the ministry of the local church congregation with the ministry of the College. Alexander Campbell not only founded Bethany College, he was also one of the founders for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and one of the first pastors of the local congregation that would later become Bethany Memorial Church of Christ (Disciples.) For Campbell, the mission of Bethany College was closely integrated with the mission of the Church he so loved. Bethany has continued the practice of integrating the ministry of the local Disciples church with the ministry of the College.

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