CONTACT INFORMATION your name, address (s), you may include your school and home or permanent address, your phone number (s), your email. Be sure you use an email address that is appropriate for job searching.

OBJECTIVE (optional) indicate your career goals or job target

EDUCATION list in reverse chronological order. If you are an underclassman, you may include your high school information. Once you graduate from college, your high school information should be dropped. Include information such as; college name(s), city(s) and state(s), major(s), minor(s), track(s), year of graduation or anticipated graduation, degree received, GPA if over a 3.0. Include that you have or will complete the Senior Written and Oral Comprehensive Exams.

EXPERIENCE List in reverse chronological order. Experience might include; volunteer work, work study, internships, etc. Include experience that pertains to your field of interest. Work experience that does not pertain to your field of interest may be included under a separate heading, i.e. Work Experience, Other Experience, etc. Indicate your title, place of employment, city and state. Give a brief description of your responsibilities, duties, but more importantly your accomplishment. You may describe in a short five or six fragment sentence paragraph OR you may bullet each line. Bullets make it much easier for the reader to scan and still absorb the content. Be sure to use the correct tense in your descriptions. Write in past tense except for the job you presently hold. Use strong action verbs in your description, i.e. coordinated, supervised, managed, increased, etc. (See the Career Disk for a list of good action verbs.)

OTHER HEADINGS Other headings to consider: Work Experience, Student Teaching Experience, Volunteer Work, Coaching Experience, Affiliations, Activities, Memberships, Honors, Internships, etc.

REFERENCES Available upon request may be used at the bottom of your resume, but is not necessary. If you are required to provide a list of references with your resume, list them on a separate sheet of resume paper.

Everyones resume is unique. Design your resume to represent your education, experience, etc.

Do's and Don'ts of Resume Writing

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