Special Parking Considerations

Visitor Parking

Visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit for the duration of their stay either from the Information Center in Benedum Commons or from the Department of Campus Safety and Security.

Temporary Permits - Students, faculty/staff, and visitors may obtain a temporary parking permit from the Department of Campus Safety and Security to properly register those vehicles that are parked on campus for brief periods. There is no fee. However, fines/tickets are issued to those who do not obtain these permits. Students who wish to bring vehicles on campus for more than fifteen days must obtain the regular parking permit.

Medical Passes - Students may obtain a signed excuse from the Health Services in case of illness or injury. This excuse is to be presented to the Supervisor of Security Services and a medical pass is issued for the specified period recommended by Health Services.

Students without vehicles who need transportation must obtain a medical pass, which may be used by another designated driver with a regular parking permit. The designated driver uses the medical permit only when transporting the incapacitated student. There is no fee.

A medical pass does not permit any student to park in a Fire Lane.

Handicapped Parking Space - These spaces are only to be used by individuals with the proper, legally authorized HANDICAPPED PARKING TAG.

Reserved Parking Spaces - The following marked spaces are off-limits to student/visitor parking, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no exceptions.
  • CV Upper Level reserved for employee spaces (2)
  • CV Reserve Lot, Manager parking space (1)
  • Main Campus, Reserved for visitors and guests (2)
  • College Street, (Brick Road), reserved for Security parking (5)
All spaces listed above are clearly signed.