Campus Safety Tips

  • Carry room and front door keys at all times and make certain that doors close and lock when entering or leaving buildings.

  • Do not admit uninvited guests or strangers into buildings without acceptable identification.

  • Report any suspicious persons or activity to the Department of Campus Safety and Security (7744) or to a member of the Office of Campus Life.

  • It is not guaranteed that students will never have anything stolen while living here. It is known that if a student keeps their door locked while they're out and their valuables put away, they probably won't have anything stolen. Students, not the College, are responsible for any property stolen or lost.

  • Do not prop doors open. Open doors are a leading cause of campus crime. Every member of the Bethany community must accept responsibility for keeping doors closed and locked at times when buildings are to be secured.

  • Walk in pairs during hours of darkness and use lighted walkways. When applicable, students may request a vehicle escort from the security staff.