The Student Government Association is the guiding body for student life at Bethany College. The SGA consists of three branches: an Executive Branch, a Judicial Branch and a Legislative Branch.

The Student Government Association Executive Branch is made up of the Cabinet. The Cabinet has a President and Vice-President who are elected by the student body. The other SGA Cabinet positions, like Secretary and Treasurer, are appointed by the SGA President. The Cabinet is made up of the following appointed officers, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Clubs/Committees Chair, Clubs/Committees Secretary, Clubs/Committees Parliamentarian, Head of Public Relations, Assistant Public Relations person, Events Coordinator, Web Page Editor.

The student body is given representation in the SGA meeting through their housing units depending of the number of members in each unit. Commuters are also given representation through a commuter representative when the desire is shown.

The judicial branch is made up of the Student Justices, and the student body makes up the legislative branch.

The SGA President meets with the President of the College, the Dean of Faculty, and the Dean of Students whenever necessary. Usually the SGA President meets with the Dean of Students every week to discuss student concerns and what can be done to address problems when they arise.

The SGA administers a student activity fee that is assessed to all full-time students. The money is allotted to the clubs and committees who are recognized by the Student Government Association. The clubs and committees use the money for trips, speakers, and materials for their organizations. Budget hearings are held each semester to decide how much money should be given to each club for the semester.

Student Government Association meets regularly and all meetings are open to the public.