Jason Smith
Jason K. Smith Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Communications & Media Arts

Bethany House, Room 104


Dr. Smith’s courses are primarily focused on communication theory and research methods (both quantitative and qualitative), new media, digital culture and visual communication. He leads courses that focus on the basics of digital production and publishing applications within a laboratory environment to create videos, blogs, layouts, art and photography on multi-device formats. His research emphasis has been on topics such as: video games, disposition theory in the context of religion and sports, news coverage of social protests and examining the networks of online conspiracy narratives and discourses. Some of his current projects are studying online social circuits using ethnomethodology; address the role of A.I. and futurism in media pedagogy; refining strategies in digital publishing; and the development of creative content with both an expressive and/or entrepreneurial objective. He is the advisor to the Tower, which is the College’s cloud computing inspired news, entertainment and information hub. He also serves as the supervisor to the Alpha Delta Eta chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, and is the President of the AAUP chapter at Bethany College.

Recent publications include:
Reyes, I. & Smith J.K. (2014). What they don’t want you to know about planet x: surviving 2012 and the aesthetic of conspiracy rhetoric. Communication Quarterly, 62 (4). 399-415.

Kinnally, W., Tuzunkan, F, Raney, A. A., Fitzgerald, M., & Smith, J. (2013). Using the schema-triggered affect model to examine disposition formation in the context of sports news. Journal of Sports Media, 7(2).

Areas of specialization include Media Effects, New Media Studies, Digital Discourse, Communication Theory, Research Methods, Social Movements, and Multimedia Journalism

Terminal Degrees:
Ph.D. Florida State University (2007)
M.A. University of Hartford (2003)
B.A. University of Rhode Island (1999)