Joseph Lovano
Joseph B. Lovano Ph.D.

Professor of World Languages and Cultures (Spanish and Italian)

Humanities/World Languages & Cultures

Morlan Hall, Room 117


Dr. Lovano has taught Spanish and Italian for 33 years. For the last 21 years of his teaching career, he has taught at Bethany College, serving as the Spanish Program Head, the Spanish Major Academic Advisor, the Spanish Apprentice Teacher Practice Session Program Supervisor, the Spanish Study-Abroad Advisor, and the Spanish Club Advisor.

Areas of specialization include Romance Linguistics & Literature (Spanish, Italian, French).

Terminal Degrees:
Ph.D., Romance Linguistics & Literature (Spanish, Italian, French), UCLA. 1995.
C.Phil., Romance Linguistics & Literature (Spanish, Italian, French), UCLA. 1988.
M.A., Romance Linguistics & Literature (Spanish & Italian), UCLA. 1985.
B.A., Italian, UCLA. 1983.