Steven Carelli
Steven A. Carelli Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History; Chair

History and Political Science

Morlan Hall, Room 206


Dr. Steven A. Carelli is chair of the Department of History and Political Science. He joined Bethany College in 2007. Before that, Dr. Carelli spent a decade serving as the Director of the Japanese branch campus of Southern Illinois University, where in addition to Western art history, he also taught American and world history. Dr. Carelli had developed an interest in Japanese history while conducting research on the Pacific War and the Tokyo War Crimes Trial. His ten-year stay in Japan turned what started as a mild and passing curiosity into a deep and lasting fascination with its history and culture. At Bethany, he teaches both American and Japanese history. In his free time, Dr. Carelli enjoys spending time with his family in the hills of his native southern West Virginia, cooking (and eating!) traditional Japanese cuisine, and watching films from his growing collection of classic Japanese movies.

Terminal Degrees:
M.A., Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
B.A., West Virginia Institute of Technology