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Thrive in a technologically-advancing world.

At Bethany College, you have the chance to pursue your passions inside and outside of the classroom. Our esport gaming management minor offers you the chance to put down the controller and step into the role of the game creator. While indulging in your interest, you will learn all of the necessary components to turn your hobby into a fulfilling and lucrative career.

As an esport student, you will create relationships to advance your future career while focusing on aspects of design, management, and operations of the gaming field. With courses developed in partnership with Unity, a real-time, cross-platform development program, and the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), you will learn rich content from experienced professionals.

To take steps toward your future in a technologically-advancing world, join our esport program now.

Areas of Study

  • Esport Gaming Management (minor)

Why Bethany

Become a Leader in One of the Fastest Growing Industries
Participate in Courses Developed by Experienced Professionals
Enjoy the flexibility of online courses with the option of live sessions.

Careers in Esport Gaming Management

  • Content Creator
  • Gaming Publisher
  • Product Manager
  • Graphic Design Specialist (Gaming)
  • Creative Director
  • Game Launch & Promotion
  • Gaming Convention Planner & Specialist
  • Media Management
  • Esport Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Manager

Meet the Faculty

Theodore Pauls

Chair; Associate Professor of Business

Ed.D., MBA, B.A., West Virginia University

Esport Courses

At Bethany, you’ll find a curriculum that distinctively prepares you for a successful career in the field of esport gaming management.

Required Courses

  • BUSI 100 Introduction to Business
    This course will serve as your foundation in business and equip you with a skillset that is applicable to a wide range of exciting careers.
  • BUSI/COMM 203 Principles of Advertising & PR
    This course covers the history and principles of advertising and public relations and discusses the different fields of marketing including industry and non-profit work. Advertising and public relations’ relative places in integrated media and marketing plans are also discussed.
  • ESPT 100 Introduction to Games
    Games sit at the intersection of technology, art, and culture, so success within the games industry requires you to understand all three. This course explores why we love games, what role they play in society, and the industry that produces them. You'll also learn the basics of game development. This online class has optional live sessions.
  • ESPT 180 Introduction to Esport Management
    Esports is one of the fastest growing industries, attracting 450 million viewers and generating over $1 billion in revenue in 2020. This course will introduce you to the history of competitive gaming and will explore its ecosystem. You will learn to navigate esport leagues, teams, players, publishers, tournament operators, media, and affiliate organizations. Furthermore, you'll get firsthand experience in analyzing the space. This online course has optional live sessions.
  • ESPT 300 Convention, Event, & Trade Show Planning
    Esports and gaming companies rely heavily on conventions for marketing. shows like TGS, PAX, and E3 attract large audiences and are tremendous opportunities for companies to generate excitement and drive sales. This course will teach you how to turn a gaming convention into a big win. By the end of this course, you'll understand how to handle planning, marketing, and logistics for a corporate presence at a major convention.
  • ESPT 400 Distribution of Games
    The role of a publisher in the games industry is to ensure that a game can get in front of its audience successfully. To do that, a publisher must consider a variety of distribution strategies and channels. This course will teach you how publishers promote games and bring them to market. By the end of this class, you wil be able to plan a game's launch and promotion.