Honors Program Overview and Goals

Explore the innovative new Bethany College Honors Program!

The Honors Program is a curricular/co-curricular/residential approach to education that focuses on teaching and learning at the highest, and most exhilarating, levels. Drawing on the abilities and the flair of the best of our faculty and the best of our diverse group of students, students will start off with a sequence of Honors courses replacing First-Year Experience and College Writing requirements, and will provide a core of Honors seminars and special events. Honors students will be housed with the other Honors students in the Honors residence, advised by the Honors Director as well as by a major advisor, and mentored by an Honors Residential Assistant in a unique living and learning community designed to support work and intellectual play here.

To be eligible for consideration a student must have a:

  • Minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.25
  • 1200 or higher 2-part SAT score
  • 25 or higher Composite ACT score

Award maintenance is dependent upon a student:

  • Maintaining a minimum overall GPA of 3.25
  • Completing the collaborative project of designing the multi-divisional sophomore Honors seminars, and the multi-divisional junior Honors seminars;
  • designing and completing an expanded Honors Senior Project
  • Living in Honors housing for the first year, with the option to live in Honors housing each year following
  • Attending the required Honors community meetings each semester
  • Completing a major documented collaborative service project in the spring of the first year and during each year following
  • Attending and participating in the Honors events organized to enrich my experience in the Honors Program
  • Attending and participating in the Honors Program Enrollment events
  • Participating in the Bethany College Scholars Symposium

Failure to meet any of the conditions stated above during any one semester, could lead to a student being placed on probation by the Honors Program Advisory Committee during the following semester. Furthermore, the failure to follow through with commitments for a second consecutive semester will result in the loss of his/her place in the Honors Program and of the Honors Scholarship for the reminder of time as a student at Bethany College.